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“... Hill Haints played a short set of highly energetic punk songs with vocal and guitar distortion that sounded like a low-fi album brought to life. Their throwback to the familiar sounds of The Saints and The Wipers, with subtle hints of Bauhaus and Joy Division, was powerful and incredibly dynamic, and got many people in the audience dancing about the space. With only four songs out at the moment, this band has serious potential in the Western Mass. punk scene – they do retro well without going overboard, and contain just enough grit and thrash to make things interesting, but not unlistenable.”


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Chris S. from Chatham says:

"A cross between Sonic Youth and Miley Cyrus with a touch of Bob Pollards early solo stuff crossed with a smattering of Megadeth playing with Jon Bon Jovi on a Nat King Cole X-Mas covers album
with just a touch of Paul Anka."

Poet KJP Garcia says:

"Haunting melodies which remind one of either Jem and the Holograms or Glenn Branca - it's hard to tell from song to song."

Posted: Tue Apr 29th
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